Three – Port de Bras

Port de Bras

Exercises 1 and 2 may be done sitting, standing or moving around as set by the teacher

1) Hand Movement with Eye Focus

Teachers to choreograph these exercises and choose one hand movement for students to show in the exam.

This exercise is to develop articulation of fingers and thumbs, particularly the long finger.

Music 1 – Catch then look – E.g. catch a butterfly in softly clasped hands and look inside hands.

Music 2 – Look then catch – E.g. look in the sky for stars, catch one and put it in a basket.

Video demonstrates Music 1 only


May be done sitting cross legged, sitting on knees, moving  or standing in a natural 1st position.

2) Suppleness of Fingers and Wrists

Teachers to choreograph using imaginative ideas

This exercise is for flexibility of finger and wrist joints.  May include mime: raindrops, flowers, witches spells, etc.

Music 1

Music 2

Video demonstrates Music 2 only

3(a) – Arm Movements – Girls

Commence sitting cross-legged, on knees with hands resting on knees, or standing in a natural 1st with arms either in 5th en bas or relaxed by sides.


Introduction – Hold the position
Lift right arm in front and lower in front – arm waves
Repeat with left arm
Repeat with both arms in front
Lift with both arms to the side and lower
Repeat all


Emphasize the softness of elbows and wrists with the use of eye focus. Imagine butterflies or fairies on finger tips, having swan arms, etc.

3(b) – Arm Movements – Boys

Commence with feet in natural 1st and hands on hips with fingers forward.


Introduction – Hold the position
Open right arm to corner 1, palm upwards, head to follow line of arm
Return right hand to hip, head to front
Repeat to the left side
Repeat right and left again


Emphasize the breadth of movement. Imagine presenting a diamond in the hand.