Grade 5 Copy of Six - Enchainment + Dances + Reverence


A simple enchaînment using no more than 3 steps from previous grades


1) Spanish Waltz - Girls

Start off center (towards corner 3), face corner 1, stand on left foot with right leg in short tendu derrière. Arms – Right hand holding fan in front of diaphragm, left hand on left hip. Turn head turn to wall 5.

2) Spanish Waltz - Boys

Stand at corner 3 facing corner 1, stand on left foot with right foot pointe tendue derrière, arms 5th en bas

3) Character Dance for Girls - Cinderella

Stand center on left foot facing corner 1, right leg in short tendu derrière, hold broom as if ready to sweep

4) Character Dance for Boys - The Pirates Treasure Hunt

Stand at corner 3, face corner 3 in 2nd position, holding an imaginary map up as if reading. Imagine a treasure chest at corner 1.



Face the front; stand on left foot with right in short tendu derrière


As above but with arms to a full 2nd and a simple bow

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